Pan Fried Eggplant Recipe

Pan fried Eggplant is so easy and delicious, Japanese often prepare this as one of the quick side dishes during summer months. I often make this on the side of cold noodles.

In the U.S. I can’t find the same eggplants, which I ate in Japan. I often see “Japanese eggplants” at produce stores, but they look different from eggplants in Japan. You could use those “Japanese eggplants,” but if you do, you need to cut them both crosswise and lengthwise to fit in a pan.

Regular or “Italian eggplants” look much closer to the eggplants in Japan, but the skin is much tougher. Tough skin is a big problem if you try to pickle them, but as long as you cook them, it wouldn’t a big deal.



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