Pan Steamed Chicken with Grated Daikon Sauce Recipe

Pan steamed chicken is easy and pretty versatile menu. You can use either chicken breast or thigh, and the sauce can be changed to many different flavors. It is particularly popular to serve cold during summer, but it can also be served warm.

This recipe is best to use chicken with bones and skin, as they help to keep chicken moist while cooking. The bones and skin are discarded before serving. I used bone in chicken thigh with skin, and skinless boneless chicken breast, as they were at hand.

This recipe also works well for sous vide cooking. Just omit water in the ingredients list, when you pack chicken in a bag, and sous vide between 1 to 5 hours at 146℉. I usually make a couple of chicken breasts at a time in individual bags, and keep them in a fridge to save time.

Many kind of sauces go well with steamed chicken, as the chicken flavor is neutral. This time, I used soy sauced based grated daikon sauce. But sesame flavor sauce, and pungent garlic scallion sauces are also good.


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