Polishing Brown Rice

Brown rice is not exactly a part of Japanese diet. The Japanese prefer white rice, which is softer and sweeter. White rice still have some bran residue on the surface, but Japanese method of cooking white rice intentionally washing it away before cooking.

As a result, the rice tastes better and looks shinier, however, many Americans point out that the process effectively takes away nutrients.

Many Americans, who are interested in Japanese food, tend to be health conscious. They enjoy plant rich Japanese diet, and many prefer brown rice over white rice. However, brown rice is not easy to cook.

One way to cook brown rice easier is to buy a good rice cooker. But even if you don’t have an expensive rice cooker, you can still cook it properly. This video will explain the process. This method is from a Japanese rice merchant Suzunobu’s website.

This method should be used only for Japanese (short grain) brown rice, and not for white rice, long grain varieties, instant, or quick cooking brown rice.



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