Quick Kagamimochi Recipe

Decorated kagamimochi

Decorated kagamimochi

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Kagamimochi is a Japanese New Year’s decoration. It’s made of mochi, but making mochi itself is a monumental task for anyone.

This is a shortcut for making kagamimochi on your own, and not a proper method. However, this method comes in handy, if you are outside of Japan without an electronic mochi maker, and can’t find a store, which sells kagamimochi.

You can of course eat this as a mochi substitute.

The Japanese customary eat kagamimochi on January 11th, after finishing the New Year’s celebration. Kagamimochi is already hardened significantly by that time, so it’s hammered to break into small pieces before being cooked.

The broken hard mochi pieces can be deep fried, or stewed in soup to soften.


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