Ramen Soup Base and Roasted Pork Recipe

I realized that when I made roasted pork using a rice cooker, I was left with lots of cooking liquid. The cooking liquid is condensed sweet soy sauce flavor, and perfect for udon noodle soup, but too sweet for ramen noodle soup. I was thinking that if I could use it for ramen noodles, it would be more convenient.

I experimented a little, and came up with a recipe to cook roasted pork without mirin or sugar. The roasted pork is delicious, and the left over cooking liquid is perfect for ramen soup base.

Even if you can’t obtain ramen noodles, you can make them easily. Just cook your spaghetti noodles with baking soda, and you are ready.



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Manue, Submitted on 2014/12/09 at 12:33 am

I’m attempting this recipe tomorrow, love your blog by the way.

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