Rice Cooker Brownie

A rice cooker is not just for cooking rice. Many rice cookers can stew meat, bake bread, and bake cakes. Fortunately, rice cooker cooking recipes are just the same as regular recipes in many cases. Just you don’t need to stay with it while cooking. It’s really convenient for busy people.

I happened to have a box of leftover brownie mix, so I mix it with the ingredients as indicated on the box. I used the same amount of eggs, water, and oil, and no special adjustments were made.

It seems many cake mixes can be made in this way. In Japan, using pancake mix is popular to bake cakes in a rice cooker. You can of course use your own recipe you have.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of rice cooker baking. Rice cooker cooking is particularly great in summer, because you can avoid your kitchen gets heat up. You don’t even need a cake mold.

But at the same time, a rice cooker is not for precise temperature controlled baking. One cooking cycle may not be enough to bake one cake, either. This brownie took three cycles to bake.

Still, many cakes can be made using a rice cooker. If you can find recipes which can be cooked through with one cooking cycle, this is a very convenient way of cooking.



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