Rice Cooker Roasted Pork Recipe

Recent Japanese cooking trend is to use a rice cooker to cook something unexpected. Unlike some American brand rice cookers, most Japanese rice cookers don’t function as steamers, because many Japanese used to use rice cookers exclusively to cook rice.

I don’t know how this cook-anything-with-rice-cooker trend started, but new rice cooker recipes are keep popping up online every day. It seems that rice cookers can function as a sort of pressure cooker, so that food can be prepared quicker than you would cook in conventional ways. I thought I have to give it a try.

There are some interesting rice cooker recipes, such as chocolate cake, cheese cake, flan… But, I decided to try roasted pork, because it sounded so good. Roasted pork is not exactly Japanese. It’s a Chinese food. But Japanese love it dearly, and incorporated it to Japanese food culture.

I went to a Chinese grocery store, and bought a block of pork. There are several different blocks of pork at Chinese butchers. They are belly, thigh, and other parts I don’t really know. Some Chinese butcher have a block of pork particularly for roasted pork. However, any cut of pork will do it.

I found that most of the Japanese roasted pork recipes use soy sauce, sugar, mirin, and sake. But I wanted to add more Chinese flavor. So I decided to use hoisin sauce and omitted mirin and sake.

Most of the Japanese rice cooker roast pork recipe are for up to 1LB pork. If your block of pork is more than 1LB, cut it in half. To cook larger than a 1LB block, you may need to go though 2 cooking cycles.

To make sure whether the pork is done, stick a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. It is extremely dangerous for your health to eat undercooked pork.

Leftover juice is perfect for noodle broth base. I also bought Peking duck buns at a Chinese grocery store, and sandwiched the roasted pork with chopped scallions, fresh coriander, and hoisin sauce. It was almost addictive.

Some rice cookers can only cook rice. Please read the owner’s manual of your rice cooker before trying this recipe.



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Kelly, Submitted on 2014/09/24 at 6:53 am

It is very usual but so love recepe! My Redmond 4500 do it very often for me! Also u can add some vegetables – for multicooker (if u have it) it’s not a problem. In cook book is one similar meal, but I tried it with u! Great idea!

Jan Estabrook, Submitted on 2014/12/09 at 1:41 pm

If the pork is already cooked, can you add rice in with the pork and have them cook together at the same time? The pork is leftover pork loin.

Yuki, Submitted on 2014/12/09 at 2:16 pm | In reply to Jan Estabrook.

Hi Jan,
If you mean cooking rice with already cooked pork, I say why not. Wash rice and add add 1/2 tsp soy sauce (per 1 cup of rice), then add water to the correct measurement. The small amount of soy sauce gives aroma, color and flavor. Then chop up the leftover pork loin and add on top of the rice. You don’t need to mix the rice with the pork before cooking, but mix well after rice is cooked. I think it would be delicious! Good luck.

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