Roast Beef Sushi

Roast beef can be perfect sushi topping, which goes well with soy sauce. I used home made sous vide roast beef, but store bought roast beef can be used as well.

Here, I made roast beef sushi using three different methods. First one is “nigiri” method, which you might have seen a sushi chefs made “nigiri” pieces artfully right in front of you. Home made “nigiri” looks clumsy, but drapes of roast beef slices can hide the irregular shapes nicely.

The second method is “temari” method. Using a piece of plastic wrap, a small amount of rice is made into a ball shape.

“Roll” method is the third one. You need a bamboo sushi mat to do this. If your roast beef is big, this option may be the easiest one. After rolling, the long sushi log is cut into 1″ pieces.

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