Western sakuramochi is also called domyoji.

Western sakuramochi is also called domyoji.

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Sakuramochi is a spring treat, but pretty simple to make. It’s often served on the day of Hinamatsuri (girls’ day on March 3), but can be eaten on other occasions in spring.

There are actually two different sakuramochi confectioneries. The recipe I posted is sakuramochi from Eastern part of Japan. People in Western Japan eat little different sakuramochi, which uses pink tinted sweet rice (photograph on the right).

Regardless of the regions, sakuramochi is usually wrapped with an edible salted cherry leaf, which I don’t have at hand. But it can made relatively easily, so that I will post the recipe right after the cherry blossom season.

Adzuki bean paste (filling) can be made at home, but this time I used store bought strained adzuki bean paste.

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