Salmon Kasuzuke Recipe

Salmon kasuzuke is very fragrant and delicious. Teriyaki is popular cooking method of salmon in the United States, but kasuzuke is probably more common as well as curing it.

In order to make kasuzuke, food has to be pickled in flavored sake lees (kasu), which is by-product of sake brewing. The food could be vegetables, fish, meat, chicken… anything. The pickling process preserves food, and add nutrients and flavor. After finish pickling, vegetables can be eaten without being cooked, but fish, meat, chicken need to be cooked.

I used salmon fillets, but any kind of filleted fish or beef, chicken, pork can be used. It is a convenient and clever way of minimize food waste and add flavor and extra nutrition at the same time.

Sake kasu (lees) is leftover after sake mash is pressed. You will get this if you brew sake on your own. If you don’t brew sake, you could buy sake kasu, but it’s not easy to find in the United States. Here are tow of the sellers.

Sake kasu also can be used for various cooking purposes, amazake, miso soup, pickling bed, to name a few.


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