Sardine Miso Ball

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This recipe is actually called sanga yaki in Japan. Sanga yaki is the grilled mixture of finely chopped fresh fish, miso, scallions, ginger and red hot peppers. It’s delicious with rice, but even better when hot tea is poured over it and eaten as ochazuke. It’s of course great with sake.

The pasty mixture is usually stuffed in abalone or scallop shells before grilled. Just because I didn’t have such shells around, I made it into ball shapes. If you have clam shells or ramekins, you can use them as well.

How much of the individual ingredients used is up to the cook. Any amount of fish, miso, scallions, ginger, red hot pepper works. If you happen to have fresh fish, go ahead and use it. But in that case, the mixture has to be cooked through.

Store in a refrigerator for about a week.


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