Sobagaki is the easiest and quickest way to eat buckwheat flour. Just mix the same amount of buckwheat flour and hot water in a bowl. Because buckwheat flour is the only flour which doesn’t need to be cooked to eat, you don’t really have to cook it, but use  boiling hot water for the best result.

I realized that sobagaki is a great alternative for eating soba noodles in the United States, where soba noodles are relatively expensive. You can buy 1LB of buckwheat flour for about $5 or so, and you can make numerous servings of sobagaki out of it. And preparing sobagaki is quicker and easier than preparing soba noodles.

I found a great instruction from a buckwheat specialty store in Japan. Below is the modified instruction to make one serving of sobagaki using buckwheat flour readily available in the United states. In this way, you can make sobagaki with rich aroma and flavor.



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