Soy Sauce Flavored Cheese Recipe

I learned from Japanese SNS that cheese soaked in soy sauce mixture is pretty good. Probably, processed cheese made by Japanese dairy manufacturer is used for this recipe in Japan, but because it is not easily available in the U.S., I used cream cheese with a red laughing cow printed on the box.

It is an appetizer item. You can eat on its own, smear on cracker or eat with cut vegetables. It’s even good on rice.

Cheese changes its flavor significantly when soaked in soy sauce mixture for 2~3 days. It doesn’t taste weird at all, if you wonder. It’s surprisingly good.

I used garlic infused soy sauce mixed with equal amount of mirin, but you can of course use regular soy sauce or substitute mirin with equal amount of dashi. The point is that soy sauce needs to be diluted somewhat, because it’s too salty by itself.



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