Spaghetti Napolitan (Japanese Coffee Shop Spaghetti)

(The instructional video is under “HOW TO” tab.)

The older Japanese like me have a special place for spaghetti napolitan in their hearts. Before we started to familiarize themselves any Western style food, such as prosciutto, crepes, or even hamburgers, spaghetti napolitan was the Western food for us.

It was typically served as a snack at coffee shops from around mid 1950’s. Spaghetti noodles were typically boiled beforehand, and they were fried in a pan with small amount of sliced bacon (or ham) and vegetables when the order came in. Flavoring was always tomato ketchup only. Tomato paste or tomato sauce didn’t exist in Japan at that time. Kraft parmesan cheese and tabasco were always offered to taste.

We have easier access to many delicious Japanese or authentic ethnic food right now, but I do miss spaghetti napolitan time to time.

I made this and fed to my family the other day, without telling that I used ketchup for flavoring. To my surprise, they loved it, until I confessed that I used ketchup.

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