Stewed Miso Udon Noodle Soup Recipe

Oh I love stewed miso udon noodle soup in cold winter days. As the noodles cooked, they soak up the thick tangy miso soup. Miso udon noodle soup really warms me up from inside.

If you have a donabe, use it. This is a perfect food to cook in it, and eat from it, as it retains heat well. If you don’t have a donabe, you can use a regular pot.

This is a one pot meal, and pretty easy to make. But there are some points you want to know, in order to make satisfactory thick noodle soup.

Miso loses its flavor and aroma when boiled over. So that when you stew the ingredients, use about a half the total amount of miso, and at the end you will add the rest or more to adjust flavor and give that distinctive aroma.



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