Tamagoyaki Recipe

Tamagoyaki is thick fried eggs flavored with soy sauce and sugar. It supposed to be made using a rectangular shaped pan (see the picture at the bottom) to make a square shaped fried eggs. Have you seen a piece of sweet flat eggs on sushi rice? When you slice tamagoyaki thin, you can make that egg on sushi. It can be also served as an appetizer, cutting into a chunky block size.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the rectangular pan. But it didn’t stop me from making this delicious egg dish in New York. This recipe is how to make tamagoyaki using a small non-stick pan instead. It won’t turn out to be rectangular, but it tastes as good as rectangular shaped eggs.

Those eggs are eaten cold or at room temperature. Therefore, it’s often used as one of the items to include in bento lunch box. Kids also love this sweet gentle flavor. This is also good as appetizer and accompaniment for sake.


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