Umeboshi Spaghetti Recipe

When I was a child, the spaghetti I ate at home was called “meat sosu,” which was pan fried spaghetti after being boiled. The noodles were covered with thick sauce mixture of tomato ketchup, tonkatsu sosu, chopped onions, and ground beef. I remembered it was very very very sweet and salty. But that was the average Japanese spaghetti.

During the era of bubbles in Japan in the 80s, the Japanese started to use the word “gourmet” and think about food as a part of culture. Dining at Italian restaurants became trendy, and we learned that spaghetti was more than “meat sosu.” Quickly, many decent spaghetti menus, using uniquely Japanese ingredients, such as umeboshinatto, cod roe, etc., were developed and gained popularity.

Here, I introduce one of such Japanese spaghetti recipes. This umeboshi spaghetti tastes sour and flavorful, because good amount of dashi is used. It is refreshing even during hot summer months.



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