Wings Yakitori Recipe

Many chicken parts can be made to yakitori. And some yakitori are flavored with sweet and thickened soy sauce, but others are simple salt flavor. Wings are very flavorful by themselves, so that they are often grilled with salt only. You can also find soy sauce flavored yakitori and minced chicken yakitori recipes from my site.

You can just skew wings, sprinkle salt and grill, but then you have to remove bones when you eat. For this recipe, the bones are removed before grilling.

The fast way to remove bones from wings are well explained in the video, which I attached under the “HOW TO” tab. The lady who is demonstrating it removes the bones quickly while avoiding puncturing the holes to the skin, as she wants to stuff the wings later. But for this wings yakitori recipe, you don’t need to worry about keep the skin intact, as they are not stuffed.

The rest is even easier. Just skew the wings, sprinkle salt, grill, and eat!

It is also delicious to skew a whole chicken tender, sprinkle salt and grill.



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