Yaki-Dofu (Grilled Tofu)

Yaki-dofu is grilled tofu, and one of the ingredients of sukiyaki and hot pots. Tofu is so soft and fragile, that it loses shape easily when it’s stewed and make the food mushy or murky. But yaki-dofu holds it’s shape well, because the surface is cooked. It can be eaten by itself with a small amount of grated ginger and a drop of soy sauce.

Japanese tofu comes in two different textures, momen (cotton) and kinugoshi (silken). While the texture of silken is smooth, cotton has more porous and rough texture. Most tofu sold in the U.S. market are silken. But for this recipe, momen tofu is more suitable, if you can find.

It is an ordinary item in Japan, but difficult to find it in the United States. Fortunately it’s easy to make.

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