Yakisoba Recipe

Yakisoba is Japanese style fried noodles. It is similar to chow mein, but there are slight differences.

You can find instant or cup yakisoba noodles easily at Asian grocery stores or Amazon, as they are popular among the young Japanese. But you can make it easily at home.

You need to have bits of several vegetables, but as long as you use yakisoba sauce, all ends up tastes like that. Typical vegetables used are thinly sliced cabbage, carrots, onions, and bean sprouts, but you can add or subtract as you wish.

Yakisoba noodles and ramen noodles are the same. If you can’t find ramen noodles easily, you can make them on your own from dried spaghetti. If you use udon noodles instead, it will be yakiudon, which is also very good.



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Tomáš, Submitted on 2015/09/15 at 10:42 am

So yakisoba noodles are actually ramen noodles and not soba noodles? That may explain why it was such failure last time I tried it…

Yuki, Submitted on 2015/09/22 at 3:22 pm | In reply to Tomáš.

Hi Thomas,
I know it is confusing. Even yakisoba includes the word soba, it is actually pan-fried ramen noodle. Literally, buckwheat noodles are soba or soba noodles, but many Japanese call ramen noodles soba as well.

Tomas, Submitted on 2015/09/22 at 3:45 pm | In reply to Yuki.

Really? Never noticed that.
I tried last week with the ramen noodles. I’m not sure, whether it was better than with the soba noodles, probably a little. Not sure what was still wrong. Probably too many noodles for too small pan.

Tomas, Submitted on 2015/09/22 at 3:46 pm | In reply to Yuki.

BTW you do not fry the noodles ahead before adding them to the meat and vegetable?

Yuki, Submitted on 2015/09/22 at 4:47 pm | In reply to Tomas.

No, I don’t fry before adding the noodles, as they are already cooked. But you need to heat and detangle them. That’s why you add water right after adding the noodles. However, it’s also delicious to deep fry the noodles to make them crispy, and pour hot saucy stir fried vegetables over. Yum!

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