Yakitori (Grilled Skewed Chicken) Recipe

Yakitori is a great Japanese snack. It’s popular beer or sake food, but can be eaten as a part of a meal. It’s is easy to buy ready-to-eat yakitoris in Japan, but in the United States you have to go Japanese style bars to find them. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to make them.

The best way to grill chicken is to use a real charcoal yakitori grill, but it’s not a regular household item. The next best thing is an indoor roaster. If you don’t have an indoor roaster, you can cook chicken on a stick in a pan with some marinade

Yakitori in the picture and the video is rather untraditional in a couple of ways. First, I am using skewers for shish-kebobs, as I ran out of the short skewers when I took the video. Yakitori skewers are actually much shorter (about 5″). Second, I am also using breast meat rather than thigh meat, because my husband and son don’t like dark meat.

You can also experiment your own yakitori to suit your own taste.



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