Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu kosho is paste of yuzu, a fragrant Japanese citrus fruit, combined with fresh hot pepper. If you use red hot peppers instead of green ones, you will get red yuzu kosho. Just like other hot condiments, it’s added on food at table to suit individual taste.

Yuzu pepper particularly goes well with fish, raw or grilled. It is also popular to add to dipping sauce of yudofu, along with chopped scallion and soy sauce. I personally like to use it on top of my soy sauce flavored steak or roasted beef.

The main characteristic of yuzu is its aroma from the rind, not the tartness of the juice. So that using a real yuzu fruit is the best. However, it’s almost impossible to get yuzu in the U.S. You can use lemon or lime for substitution, but I recently found out that Meyer lemon works great.



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Alison Ogasawara

Submitted on 2015/01/05 at 5:16 am

I shall definitely try this recipe. I own probably the only yuzu tree in Catalonia. I brought it back from Japan about 14 years ago tucked into my suitcase! It was onlyabout 3 years ago that it finally had fruit and at first they were tiny and just dropped off the tree. Even so I could still use then to make yuzu miso.This year I’ve had five large one but I gave three away and am left with two so it’s enough for your recipe. Thank for sharing it.


Submitted on 2015/01/05 at 8:55 am | In reply to Alison Ogasawara.

That sounds wonderful! I didn’t know it takes so long to grow a yuzu tree.

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