Satoimo (Eddoe or Taro)

Satoimo (Eddoe or Taro)


Taro or Eddoe is called satoimo in Japan. When the first time I saw them at my neighborhood grocery store, I was surprised. The root vegetable which I previously thought uniquely Japanese was actually eaten all over the world. It is one of the widely eaten taro in Eastern Asia, South Asia, India, West Indies, and South America. They are also called malangas in Spanish-speaking areas, according to wiki.

Satoimo is very slippery due to its secretion. In Japan, satoimos are mainly stewed with dashi with soy sauce and sugar. They are also one of the ingredients of butajiru.

When I was a child, my grandmother boiled them without peeling the skin. When they are boiled, the skin can be peeled off easily. I ate them as snack food, by simply sprinkled some salt.

How to Choose Satoimo

  • Choose heavy in hand and fat round ones
  • If bottom is soft, it’s spoiled
  • Avoid germinating ones
  • Avoid the ones with cuts and bruises

Once you buy them, use them as soon as possible. They can be kept in a refrigerator, but pretty perishable.

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