Shichimi Pepper

Shichimi Pepper

shichimi pepper

Shichimi pepper can be translated as seven flavored pepper. It’s a combination of seven spices; ground red pepper, ground orange peel, black sesame seeds, Szechuan pepper corns, crushed nori, and poppy seeds. I love shichimi, as it adds aroma, complex flavor and a kick. When you sprinkle it over steaming hot food, you smell a hint of citrus, sesame seeds, and other ingredients.

Japanese food is rarely cooked with strong spices. Shichimi pepper is often at a table to add a kick individually. It is often sprinkled over udon noodles or soba noodles according to personal preference.

There is also ichimi pepper, which means one flavor, and made of only red pepper.

Shichimi pepper can be found at Japanese grocery stores, or oriental grocery stores. If you would like to order online, here are the links;


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