Spinach Ohitashi Recipe


This is a simpler and quicker version of ohitashi. For another way to make ohitashi please refer to broccoli ohitashi reshipe. This is one of the popular way to eat boiled greens in Japan, and spinach and broccoli rabe are commonly used, but broccoli can be used as well.

In this method, simply boiled greens are cut in bite size, and served with katsuobushi flakes on top. This side dish is usually served in individual small dish. Desired amount of soy sauce or ponzu is dropped on the individually served ohitashi just before eating.



Wash spinach thoroughly. If the roots attached, don't cut them off at this time. Boil plenty of water and add some salt. Don't boil large amount of spinach at a time. A bunch you can grab with one hand completely is appropriate amount to boil at a time.
When you add spinach in boiling water, add the root side first slowly. It doesn't take long for spinach to be boiled (about 1~2 minutes). After a couple of minutes take out the spinach from boiling water, and cool down with water with ice cubes. This process will keep the color of spinach beautiful green.
If you have more spinach, boil another batch in the same way. When spinach is cooled down, pick them up by the roots. Squeeze water well.
Cut the squeezed spinach in 1" length, and place in a small individual serving plate or bowl. Sprinkle small amount of katsuobushi flakes and serve. It will be seasoned individually at the table with desired amount of soy sauce or ponzu. If you boiled more spinach you can serve at a time, keep it in tightly sealed container, and use it within a couple of days.

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