Takoyaki Pan

Takoyaki Pan


Takoyaki pan is a griddle with half-spherical molds to make takoyaki balls. The pans can be cast iron or with non-stick coating. Many takoyaki pans come with attached electrical heating element, just like electric waffle makers. But some of them are just pans to be used on stove top.

There is a very similar pan to make aebleskiver, which are Danish pancake puffs. I’ve never used it, but I believe if you have aebleskiver pan, you can make takoyaki with it.

I personally use a cast iron pan on stove top, because the pan can be submerged in water and washed whole with detergent completely. Also cast iron pans are far less prone to scratches than non-stick coated pans, and well seasoned ones are naturally non-stick.


Bamboo sticks should be used to turn takoyaki on a non-stick pan.

If you use a pan with non-stick coating, you shouldn’t use a metal pick. Use a bamboo stick for yakitori or shish kebab instead to turn takoyaki balls to avoid scratching the surface.

Using a takoyaki pan, you can also make pancake puffs, or meatballs. I made meatballs with quail eggs inside, which can be tasty morsels or main dish.

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