Temarizushi is a small ball-shaped sushi. Unlike nigirizushi, it can be made easily at home. Temarizushi looks fantastic for party and appetizer. It is extremely important to use glutenous Japanese rice to make sushi, otherwise rice grains don’t stick together to form a ball. I used Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice here, but most Japanese people use white Japanese rice.

Other than lox, toppings can be thinly sliced cucumbers or carrots, etc.



Wash rice well (regardless you use white rice or brown rice).To cook rice for sushi, use about 10% less than usual amount of water, because additional liquid (vinegar mixture) will be added in cooked rice later. If you use a good rice cooker, simply use "sushi rice mode" and follow the particular rice cooker's instruction. Optionally, 1 strip of kombu can be placed in the rice, so that the flavor of kombu will permeate through the rice while cooking.
When the rice is cooked, remove the kombu, and mix the rice thoroughly. Be careful not to mash the rice grains. This process helps to let the excess amount of water evaporate from the rice cooker, so that the rice will not soggy. Take out rice from the rice cooker to a bowl, and mix in sushi vinegar. Do not mix vinegar mixture in the rice cooker, because acidity will erode the cooking vessel. Cool down the rice with fan while mixing while paying attention not to mash the rice. By cooling down the rice, the rice will get shiny and prevent the spoilage of a piece of fish.
Place 8" square plastic wrap on hand, and 1/4 cup of seasoned rice and lox on top of it. Wrap the rice and lox by twisting the top, and unwrap.
Place a small amount of kinshi-eggs, and wasabi at the center.


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