Typical Japanese Style Breakfast

Typical Japanese Style Breakfast


This is a typical breakfast at hotels in Japan. You may not have two kind of grilled fish at home, but most likely have rice, miso soup, natto, nori, eggs of some sort.

While it is not a breakfast of kings and queens, it certainly takes time to prepare. Then, I started to wonder, “Do many Japanese still eat Japanese style breakfast?”

According to a Japanese breakfast survey done on 2009, by one of the Internet marketing firm, people who eat Japanese style breakfast and Western style breakfast are almost evenly split, 43.2% and 40.0% respectively. Only tiny portion of respondents eat cereal or something else, and there are some who don’t eat breakfast.

Preparation of Japanese style breakfast takes time, as it usually involves cooking of rice and miso soup. To reduce the amount of early morning chores, people program rice cookers the night before, so that steamy hot rice is ready when they wake up.

In addition to rice and miso soup, other food such as grilled fish, natto (the brownish beans in the photo above), pickles, noriraw eggs, or cooked eggs seasoned with sugar and dashi may be on the table. Japanese style breakfast is smaller version of regular meal. They are delicious and nutritionally balanced. If someone can prepare for me, I would love to eat Japanese style breakfast every day.

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One Response to Typical Japanese Style Breakfast

  1. Pedro Garcia Abilleira de Castro February 26, 2015 at 9:34 pm #

    I’ve been living in Japan for some months now, and I too agree that the japanese breakfast is awesome! 🙂