White Turnip (Kabu)

White Turnip (Kabu)


White turnips may not be common in the United States, I increasingly see them at farmers markets. In Japan white turnips are popular winter vegetables. They are favorite ingredients of miso soup, and great to pickle. When choosing, pick the ones with sturdy fresh greens.

White turnips are sweeter and softer than other turnips and radishes. But when heated, white turnips turn even sweeter. Both roots and greens can be used in miso soup together. Consider 1 root and 1 leaf per person as a rule of thumb. Turnips will be sliced in 1/4″ in lengthwise. If you get larger turnips, cut them in half before slicing. Leaves will be chopped into 1/4″ as well.

Put the sliced turnips and chopped greens of dashi, and boil a couple of minutes. Turnips are cooked pretty quickly. Turn off the heat, and dissolve miso according to the number of servings. There are several kinds of miso available. For miso soup with turnip, choose white miso. Sweetness of turnips and mild white miso go wonderfully well together.

If you have left over turnip greens, chop them finely and saute in a pan using a small amount of canola oil. If you season with salt, you can put it in salad, if you season with soy sauce, it’s delicious to eat with steamy white rice.

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